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The Company main products are self-service kiosks , all-in-one PC, automatic ticket PC, outdoor digital signage, LED interactive board,free stand digital signage ,wall mount digital LCD ,LED video wall and customized self-service terminal and other products for various industries.

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Guangzhou Chujie Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and production of commercial touch control equipment and self-service terminals. It is committed to providing professional touch self-service solutions for various industries. It has its own brand: KER.

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17 inches self service kiosk touch screen multifunction self service kiosk with thermal ticket printer kiosk windows 10

The 17-inch self-service kiosk touch screen multifunctional self-service kiosk with thermal receipt printer kiosk has multiple advantages, let me introduce them to you in detail: Improve service efficiency: Self-service kiosks with touch screen functions allow customers to order and pay directly ...

Multifunction Automated Pos System Food Ordering Self Service Order Kiosk

Functional automated POS system food ordering self-service ordering kiosks have many advantages, here are some of the major ones: Improve efficiency: Self-service ordering kiosks can reduce manual intervention and speed up the ordering and checkout process, thereby improving overall service effic...

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